• 02 Jan, 2021

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One Country, One Rate Tariff

One Country, One Rate Tariff

Tariffs for all types of ISPs across the country are approved by the Department of Posts and Telecommunications when the draft tariff prepared by the BTRC committee for data collection, encryption, analysis, review, consent of all parties and consideration of consumer interests is sent to the government for approval.



Issues Considered While Fixing One Country, One Rate Tariff

Cost Component Analysis or justification of each piece of information has been taken, verified, and presented.

Data provided from BTCL is considered along with ISPAB data.

Tariffs fixed for customers at the union level regarding Info-Sarker-3 have been considered.

Package information / leaflets of various ISPs have been collected to consider the market value.

Floor / Ceiling and all conventional tariffs have been considered for the whole of Bangladesh.

The introduction of one rate tariff has been given priority for whole Bangladesh.

Considering the broadband policy, with the consent of ISPAB, the speed will be a minimum of 10Mbps with effect from 16/12/2021.

The concentration ratio is set at a maximum of 1:8.

Grade of Service (GoS) has been formulated to enhance the quality of service.

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